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Image by Jamie Street

Purpose built from the ground up

We offer comprehensive tool management solutions that can easily be adapted to your organizational needs

Built for and with Customers

ToolHub was built in partnership with our customers and since then has evolved to bring more and more along technological and functional advances that continuously bring increased benefits to a rapidly expanding customer base. 

Experienced team

ToolHub is a product by Canam Solutions USA, Inc. The company was founded as part of the Canam group of companies in 2011 and has a history of successfully helping customers with software solutions for the heavy equipment, construction, AG and other industries.

Experts in tool management

We understand tool management requirements, organizational challenges, and the need for flexibility. Let our experts show you how we can assist your organization.

Technology prowess 

Our group history of developing technology solutions span 30 years that assisted hundreds of organizations in the USA, Canada and elsewhere.

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