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Originally developed as AccuTracker in 2004, ToolHub is the result of a collaborative effort between Holt of Texas, Canam Solutions USA, and a private software company to improve asset management and toolroom security.

Since its initial introduction to the market by Holt and a private software company, AccuTracker has been deployed out to many Caterpillar Dealers throughout North America with periodic updates and enhancements as technologies improved and the market demanded.

In 2014, Holt recognized the need to do a major update of AccuTracker, so they turned to Canam Solutions USA to partner with them to develop the latest version of AccuTracker, rebranded as ToolHub. With a reputation of expertise and years of experience providing software solutions to Caterpillar Dealers, Canam was the natural option to take over the ongoing development, sales, and support of the tool management solution.

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Rolled out in early 2015, ToolHub now boasts a hub-and-spoke, web-based structure with improved support for updated hardware and technology like RFID and barcode scanning along with streamlined processes to improve business flow at service-focused organizations of varying sizes.
By identifying and leveraging existing inventory, minimizing loss, and providing insight on how to make future asset purchases, ToolHub offers scalable and efficient toolroom inventory management solutions to complement existing organizational infrastructures for enhanced asset control for tool rooms of any size or location at dealerships, large and small.

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