ToolHub is a hub-and-spoke distributed computing structure that puts complete control of each tool in the organization’s hands.

Scalable and flexible, this technology-driven solution for asset management is designed to work seamlessly with web-enabled pin pad entry, barcode scanning and RFID technology to provide right-fit security for any type of toolroom.

ToolHub utilizes a robust, modern and flexible server/client design, which means ‘no connection, no problem.’ Each tool location can continue to operate normally and is synchronized when connectivity is restored.

As a web-based application, users outside of service shops, like field service and management, can interact with the system using a Microsoft-based infrastructure that most companies already have in place, allowing new locations to be added easily as spokes to the existing hub and managed from a mobile device or desktop computer.

ToolHub is hosted by each individual customer, either internally or at their contracted hosting facility, mitigating the risk of data being exposed or unavailable.

Designed to meet the scaling needs of each individual business, ToolHub licensing costs are driven by the number of tool locations, not seats. There is no incremental cost associated with providing application access to anyone who might benefit from it, including technicians in their bays, field service technicians, management and more. Field service vehicles can also be added as manually managed inventories at no additional cost.

ToolHub is the most scalable, flexible asset management and tool room security solution

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