Q. What if I need support after ToolHub is deployed at my organization?

A. Canam offers access to the online Customer Portal collaboration forum with a knowledge-based depot of information about ToolHub and all user guides as well as unlimited phone, email and web support of the product, both hardware and software, throughout the license period. Tech Support personnel also have remote access to troubleshoot issues with the hardware or software. Canam Solutions comprises a highly experienced team of over 35 Microsoft certified web-based development experts who specialize in developing corporate web solutions and delivering large-scale mission critical operational and transactional database applications for global enterprise customers. Our support team has the experience, knowledge and access to resolve any post-deployment issue you may encounter.

Q.  What if I need specific functionality from ToolHub to meet my company’s operating procedures? Can you accommodate custom enhancements?

A. Canam makes continuous enhancements to ToolHub to meet customer needs both during the initial planning and exploration phase as well as after deployment to accommodate the ever-evolving business needs of our customers.

If you find that there is a feature or functionality required to make the ToolHub solution more effective at your company, simply let us know. We’ll explore the feasibility and need for the upgrade and work with you as best we can to implement it in a timely fashion.

Q.  Why is ToolHub the best solution for my company?

A. ToolHub is a customized, right-fit solution designed to meet the unique needs of each specific customer. As part of the implementation process, Canam works closely with each customer to develop a project measurement plan to evaluate ROI and plan for success in terms that matter to each unique business.

Customers credit ToolHub for optimizing their inventory with a higher utilization of current assets, loss prevention of existing assets, and increased tool readiness even when shared across locations. These benefits have led to lower cost of ownership, reduced inventory redundancy, and improved time to close out billable projects, all of which are a benefit to any company. 

Q. How many concurrent users can run the ToolHub software?

A. Because Canam understands how toolrooms operate, we designed this solution to accommodate a wide range of users at any given time. Currently, ToolHub supports 100+ concurrent users, with a user defined as an operating toolroom or a remote user like a field service tech, as an example. An operating toolroom PC can serve multiple technicians concurrently, exponentially increasing the potential number of people serviced by ToolHub at a given time.     

Q. What type of systems does ToolHub integrate with successfully?

A. Canam has customers using a wide range of (INSERT CATEGORY NAME) products including ERP, DBSi, INFOR, SAP, and CODA to name a few. ToolHub is designed to integrate with these and many others to best fit the needs of each unique business’ requirements.     

Q. Do I need to add staff to manage ToolHub?

A. ToolHub is a scalable and efficient toolroom inventory management system designed to work within existing organizational infrastructure for better asset control, meaning it should work well within any existing environment without the need to hire additional IT staff. 

Canam does recommend an in-house power user of ToolHub, which can be added to the responsibilities of an existing staff member or an additional dedicated resource, depending on the size of the toolroom and number of service techs supported. Our standard recommendation is one dedicated toolroom attendant when servicing 18 or more techs with first level user support, badge issuing, repair coordination, tool replenishment, and tooling transfer management.

Q. What are the technical requirements for my operating systems to be compatible with ToolHub?

A. There are three unique considerations: server, toolroom client PC, and non-toolroom PC or mobile device.

Server: Windows Server 2008r2 and above, SQL Service 2008r2 and above with .NET Framework 4.5.1. 

Toolroom Client PC (to operate toolroom door, camera, barcode scanners, RFID equipment): Windows 7 or 8 with IE, Chrome or Safari browser

Non-Toolroom PC or Mobile Device: IE, Chrome or Safari browser (supporting Windows, Android, Apple respectively)

Q. Is ToolHub client-installed or web-based?

A.  ToolHub is hosted on a server and is a web-enabled application. Each toolroom location that controls access, processes check-in/check-out transactions using barcode scanners or RFID equipment, and operates cameras also has a client, web-enabled application installed (and local SQL Server database). The server and each client application instance communicate using a web services layer. Access to the application for non-toolroom machines or devices is to the server using a web browser: IE9 and above, Chrome or Safari.